Urban Vintage Experiences

Run into the most important experiences of your life at the heart of one of the World's most important Urban "Istanbul", which is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, where East meets West, will touch your soul with its various tastes, culture, locals, history and geography.



Istanbul and Mr. CAS, not an ordinary experience, you will run into an experience full of strong feelings, rhythm, colors, sounds, and soul of Istanbul and Mr. CAS.


Our aim is to touch our guests' hearts and souls with a perfect hospitality.


Today one of the highlights of the journey is the taste and the gourmet celebration. Istanbul and Mr. CAS's cuisine is directly integrated with the area's history, the soul of locals and the rhythm of the daily life.


Among the senses, the smell is the most direct, instinctive, and irreducible one. We breathe 20 thousand times a day and smell 20 thousand scents. It is easier to portray a city or hotel, but it is difficult to produce any perfume that reminds you the smell of a city or a place. The smells of Istanbul will remain in your splendid memories. The most unforgettable one of these smells will be definitely the unique smell of Mr. CAS. The one which will remind us and will take you back...


On one side the sound of Istanbul, Beyoglu and Istiklal, on the other side the sound of the street musicians, on the other side the music at Mr. CAS that appeals your soul. Even for this, you can fall in love with Istanbul. A special symphony awaits you to experience the sounds of the urban life.