Meet our mysterious host, Mr. CAS


Our hotel takes its name from a mysterious gentleman who was thought to be living in Pera, known for his stylishness and his hospitality.

Rumor has it that he has thrown glamorous parties at the Guney Palas building, entertaining esteemed guests. Paying exquisite attention to every detail of his receptions, he has been engraved in Istanbul’s memory with every trait from his taste in music, elegance and his delightful conversation.

The name behind receptions that match Beyoglu’s glamour… Mr. CAS.

During the times Mr. CAS used to live in Guney Palas, to go to Beyoglu meant much more than just aimlessly wandering through the streets. It used to be the focal center of fashion. The fashion-designers and trend followers used to live here. No wonder Mr. CAS, the well-dressed gentleman that he was, chose Beyoglu as his home

There are many rumors regarding the receptions Mr. CAS has held. His hospitality was said to be so unique that his guests would prepare for days, even weeks, to be perfectly ready for these gatherings. Just like the receptions of Mr. CAS


A Special Smell Experience with Mr. CAS


The guests would dress in their tailor-made costumes to take their seats at Guney Palas for the invite, wearing their finest perfumes. Each floor of Guney Palas would be full of guests and walls would collect the residue of their perfumes. These fetes are said to be so enchanting that they would be talked about until the next one.

This is exactly the impression that our hotel seeks to leave on its guests. Mr. CAS Hotels will welcome you with the teachings of Mr. CAS himself, and serve you perfectly so you will remember us with a smile until your next visit.

The history of Guney Palas still continues at Mr. CAS Hotels

Our hotel carries traces from the ancient residents of Guney Palas, and Mr. CAS

Details aging from the construction of Guney Palas will surround you when you walk into Mr. CAS Hotels. Featuring Art Nouveau elements and concepts from Art Deco, the past and present exist hand in hand.

With the hand-painted ceiling details and stairs that take you on a trip in the past, staircase craftsmanship on wood and marble, carry the history of Guney Palas into Mr. CAS Hotels.