Mr. CAS Lounge

A weekday or the weekend, every moment counts at Mr. CAS Lounge… You don’t have to be staying at our hotel to enjoy these moments. Mr. CAS Lounge is open to all visitors.

You will be greeted by the symbol of eternal love.

Mr. CAS was not only known for his hospitality – he also had a passion for art. Especially art pieces which depicted myths. At our lounge, you will find two statues that reflect this passion of his.

Created by the famous sculptor Cagdas Ercelik, these statues are of a couple symbolizing eternal love: Venus and Adonis…

Their myth is told to be as follows;

Myrrha, the pregnant daughter of the Syrian king, is killed by her father. Pitying her, the gods turn her into a myrtle tree. After 9 months, the bark of the tree cracks and Adonis is born.

Adonis is so handsome that even Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld who was supposed to take care of the baby for Venus, falls for him and decides not to return him to Venus. The two goddesses begin fighting and Zeus becomes the judge. He decides that Adonis should spend 4 months with Venus and 4 months with Persephone. However, Adonis decides to spend all his time with Venus.

Their love is so great that Ares becomes jealous. One day he sends a wild boar to attack Adonis, upon which he dies. When his blood drops fall onto the soil, they turn into windflowers, a flower of the spring. A thorn hurts Venus when she runs to the man she loves, turning a white rose into red.

The two statues emerging from a tree to represent eternal love and the birth of Adonis greet you with their admirable craftsmanship and their majesty at our lounge area.

The special cocktail of Mr. CAS, followed by an unforgettable dinner…

In order to fully enjoy Mr. CAS Lounge, you can sip your special cocktail drink, which used to be served to his guests, while you watch the sunset. Afterwards you can take your seat at our restaurant where our famous chef prepares a special menu including a special of the mysterious gentleman, Mr. CAS.

A sip of drink and a sip of scenery at the terrace…

While you enjoy a selection of drinks at our terrace with the swing, you will be accompanied by the amazing sights of the Galata Tower, Church of Saint Antoine, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofhia, the Historical Peninsula and the Prince Islands. We advise you to end a beautiful day with a cocktail by the fireplace.

Mr. Cas privilege at your party and meetings!

You can host your business meetings or private parties at the lounge area with the privileges of Mr. CAS Hotels. A selection of menus will be prepared for you to choose from and you will take joy in entertaining your guests at this historical place that they will carry forever in their memories.

Local and international tastes, at your breakfast

Local specialties from all around Turkey and world-renowned international favorites… This open-buffet breakfast will take you on a mini world tour.

Feed your soul

At specified times, our lounge area becomes a mini musical stage. At our unplugged stage you will enjoy the sounds of local and international guests.